The site at Haugastøl

The Village Building will be located on public land  close to rout 7 and the railway station at Haugastøl, creating a passage above  infrastructure between the mountain and the water, at the point where the main  road crosses the railway. Part of rout 7 will be removed and placed in a tunnel  from north-east towards the Village Building. It is here in the northern  cutting possible to construct a hidden parking garage, under the land fill  strengthening the contact between the landscape and the public square. Hunting  terrain can be found north-west of this site, as well as mountain pastures. The  lake south of the site gets water from glazier, and is therefore not good for  fishing, but can provide good opportunities for different kinds of sport  activities.

In the program of this prototype of  the Village  Building, geriatrics and  sustainability is emphasized. The municipality of Hol already provide good  health service, as for people with dementia, something that is sought to be  further developed in the Village Building. Universal design and  lifecycle-standard is here logical to include. The Village Building is in itself a sustainable  experiment, which is the starting point for a research centre. Students will be  offered term courses in collaboration with the Norwegian Universities. A College  can also be located here.
            The location of the  prototype will attract tourism. Retired and those working are expected to be  buyers, and possibly use the housing units as cabins, while students rent a  place to live through the term. The housing units in the neighborhoods should  provide flexible designs, with the possibility of renting out parts and/or with  the possibility of different use. 

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