The Village Building as an ecosystem

Continuation of student assignment
Main project Part 2

The program:
The benefits of the Village Building depend on a high density - 5000 inhabitants. When you analyze and understand the different qualities within your neighbourhood, you will have to prioritise where to put the different housing types according to this.
In any situation, planning a housing area or neighbourhood, some locations will be better or more desirable than others, related to conditions such as light, wind and views. On the other hand, different types of accommodation and functions acquire different contextual qualities.  
Block 1_______________________150 people + CBD
Block 2_______________________200 people + CBD
Neighbourhood 1-6______________600 people
Neighbourhood 7 _______________500 people
Neighbourhood 8 _______________250 people
Neighbourhood 9 _______________200 people

3 story base with public square on top: 100 people. Contains many other functions – see description from competition

Sphere building 1 _______________Assembly hall used for different activities; cinema, religious ceremonies, concerts etc

Sphere building 2 _______________Observatory – part of the research centre
Sphere building 3 _______________Library
Sphere building 4 _______________Tourist centre and Research centre reception
The following aspects must be taken into account for further design of your neighbourhood, in addition to the program of density:

A) Principals for common systems:
The Village Building should work as an ecosystem and be as self-sustainable as possible.
Propose principals of common solutions within the Village Building regarding water, wastewater, garbage and energy. 
B) Further design work of the neighbourhood:
Evaluate public, common and private space in your neighbourhood in relation to other neighbourhoods and the Village Building as a whole.
Flow of people must be considered together with the structural system and infrastructure.
Analyse climatic and contextual conditions such as views, wind and sunlight

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